You can find on this page the Copenhagen transport map to print and to download in PDF. The Copenhagen transportation map presents the transports network and transport zones of the transit of Copenhagen in Hovedstaden - Denmark.

Copenhagen transports map

Map of Copenhagen public transports

The Copenhagen transport map shows all means of transportation in Copenhagen. This transports map of Copenhagen will allow you to move easily with public transport of Copenhagen in Hovedstaden - Denmark. The Copenhagen transportation map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

The local transportation system of Copenhagen consists of a number of different, but combined, train systems and several types of buses. The public transport infrastructure of Copenhagen is among the most efficient and reliable in the world, and it is still being developed and improved. Public transport will get you anywhere you wish to go in the capital region as its shown in Copenhagen transports map.

It is easy to get around to basically anywhere you want to go within the city of Copenhagen on public transport. Buses, metro, trains and boats are all part to the network. The city is divided into different zones as you can see in Copenhagen transports map, so while you need to be sure that you buy the right ticket for your route, you can also use the same tickets across all modes of transport. It makes the network particularly tourist-friendly. If you are arriving in Copenhagen via the airport, you can reach the central Copenhagen in less than 20 minutes by metro or train. While many cities do not have any airport connections, Copenhagen has not one but two.

The integrated ticket system for Copenhagen transports certainly makes things easy, but you might consider downloading "DOT Mobilbilletter" in the App Store or Google Play Store, which will allow you to buy tickets on the go (see Copenhagen transports map). Click "indstillinger" (settings) followed by "sprog" (language) to select the English version. Ride with ease thanks to English announcements, app integration, and general regard for safety—but this is an urban city, so mind open bags and easy-to-pickpocket items. But no matter which method you choose, there is always a spot on the train or bus for transporting your bike, the number one way to get around.

Copenhagen zone map

Map of Copenhagen zones

The Copenhagen zone map shows all transport zones in Copenhagen. This zone map of Copenhagen will allow you to know the prices of public transport of Copenhagen in Hovedstaden - Denmark. The Copenhagen zones of transports map is downloadable in PDF, printable and free.

Copenhagen metro operates with a proof-of-payment system, so riders must have a valid ticket before entering the station platforms. The system is divided into zones, and the fare structure is integrated with other public transport in Copenhagen, including the buses managed by Movia, local DSB trains and the S-train. The system lies within four different zones. Ticket machines are available at all stations, where special tickets for dogs and bicycles can also be purchased. A two-zone ticket costs DKK 23, a three-zone ticket DKK 34.50 and a four-zone ticket DKK 46 as you can see in Copenhagen zone map. Discounts are available for multi-ride tickets and children. Tickets must be stamped to be validated. Monthly passes cost DKK 320,- for two zones and DKK 585,- for four zones. Holders of the Copenhagen Card museum pass ride free of charge, as do up to two children under twelve years of age accompanied by an adult. Between 2010 and 2012, the metro will adapt the national electronic fare card system Rejsekort.

The most expensive colour zone in Copenhagen determines the price. You pay for the amount of zone rings you pass through on your journey, including the zone you started in. However, you always pay for a minimum of 2 zones, which is DKK 24. For example, if you are heading from the city centre (zone 1) to the airport (zone 4), you will need a ticket for three zones as its mentioned in Copenhagen zone map. Unless you are planning to venture far out of Copenhagen, you only need to consider the 9 coloured zone rings. With a Copenhagen Card in hand you do not have to worry about zones and ticket prices, as you get unlimited transportation in the entire Capital Region (including to and from Copenhagen Airport). In addition, you get free admission to more than 80 attractions and museums as well as discounts at several restaurants, cafés, sightseeing activities and more.

The Greater Copenhagen area is divided into zones applying to all public buses, trains and the metro. The zones are divided by the white lines, and the names written in black are names of all the areas in each zone as its shown in Copenhagen zone map. The coloured areas on the map are referred to as zone rings. Central Copenhagen is zone 1, whereas the airport is in zone 4. The zone numbers get higher the further away you get from the city centre.